7 Devices Created To Make The World Healthier

7 Devices Created To Make The World Healthier
July 8, 2015 Foretell



Release Date : Now

Website : https://www.spire.io/?

This is a device with a high amount of press; featured on Wall Street, USA Today, and more.

Spire is said to lower your stress, tension, and anxiety by making you aware of it. The first way to change is to be consciously aware that there is a problem. This device that you wear daily keeps track on your breathing patterns and alerts you if there is a change in a negative direction.

The device alerts you via your phone to relax. This isn’t the only feature; the app also shows you breathing exercises and meditations shown to improve high stress situation. Some other key features include a calorie tracker and more.



Cost : $129

Release Date : Now

Website : http://www.junebynetatmo.com/en-US/site

JUNE is a jewerly piece that is more than a fashion statment. It is used to help with the aging effects of the sun.

This piece of technology connects to your app to alert you of your sun exposure. It tells you when and how often to apply sunscreen.

The UVA and UVB sensors in the device are what is used to measure your sun exposure.



Cost : $79.99

Release Date : Now

Website : http://www.lumobodytech.com/

Lumo is a devide that magnetically attaches to your clothes to keep track of your posture. This device vibrates to remind you to sit up straight.The app tells you how many hours you held good posture, how many steps you walked, and how many calories you burned. The Lumo Lift App allows you to set daily posture and calorie goals to achieve.

The device uses a biomechanics monitoring sensors to tell when your body is not using good posture. You calibrate the device to your correct posture, which allows it to be a custom fit for each user. Lumo holds a 5 day charge and comes with a charging station.



Cost : $199.99

Release Date : Now

Website : http://www.jabra.com/products/bluetooth/jabra_sport_pulse_wireless/jabra_sport_pulse_wireless

Jabra is bluetooth earbuds that monitors your heartbeat through your inner ear. They have an app of their own that records your work out sessions with a real time coach to give you feedback to assure you are working out in your correct heart rate zone. The app lets you create your own workout plan, while recording your distance, time, and calories.

These were build with three main technology functions. It can measure orthostatic heart rate to measure if you are under stress or overtraining, your resting heart rate, and your VO2 level.



Cost : $299

Release Date : Now

Website : http://www.choosemuse.com/

This device is to help you meditate by assuring that you are the calmest your brain is able to be over time. Muse is a headband that measures your brain signals with 7 calibrated sensors. This connects with an app to record what is happening with each meditation session. Based on previous sessions; it changes the length of time and music in order to take you into the best meditation.

The Muse app will share your results with you in graph as well as in a form that you are more able to understand. You are able to create goals for each session to build motivation to lower your stress using meditation.



Cost : $129

Release Date : September 2015

Website : https://clinicloud.com/

This is something that all households should invest in. This sleek device is used as both a way of checking temperature and a stethoscope all without any contact on the skin. This makes is much easier when you are dealing with kiddos that move around.

This is a game changer to our previous method of thermometers which are not the most hygenic aproach. This device also links up to an app on your phone for notifications and a way of recording all of your health history.

The battery life on this the CliniCloud is 7200 recordings (15sec. each) for both the stethoscope and the thermometer.



Cost : $1249

Release Date : Summer 2015

Website : https://www.vanhawks.com/

vanhawks is a cool bike. The bike has bluetooth built in that connects directly with your smartphone. vanhawks features built in LED lights used for navigation through the handle bars; it alerts you if you are off your route or if you need to make a turn. There is a gps tracker built in to recover your bike if someone snatchs it. It also guides you on the best bike routes and keeps track of your distances. Last, but not least; this bike alerts you via handle bar vibrations if a car or object comes too close to you.

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