6 Eco Friendly Startups

hyderate.me ruebriq


Cost : $46.95

Kickstarter fund : 627,000

Release Date : January 2016

Website : http://hidrate.me/shop

Created In : USA

Hidrate™ is a water bottle that keeps track of your water consumption. It does this through an app created custom to pair up with the water bottle. The application alerts you when you need to drink more water based on the daily goals you set.

The daily goals you set are prompted by your weight + age. Your drinking history is recorded on your phone, which allows you to compare your water consumption through the year.

Hidrate™ alerts you to drink more with a built in light inside of the bottle. The sleek design of the water bottle helps the sell greatly with 6 available colors.


Yolk, Solar Paper

Cost : $129

Kickstarter Fund : 650,000 (25 days to go) 07.26.2015

Release Date : Kickstarter

Website : http://www.yolkstation.com/

Created In : USA

Solar paper can be placed in your binder or planner. This paper charges from the energy of the sun. This product is paper-thin and lightweight.

The paper is able to charge a smartphone within 2.5 hours on a sunny day.



Cost : –

Kickstarter Fund : 898,000

Release Date : Pre Order

Website : http://www.miito.com/

Created In : Germany

miito is a kitchen device that heats up liquids in whatever object you need (cup, bowl, pot, etc). This is very eco friendly due to the amount of water saved with this method. Not only is water measurements exact; this also saves energy. Therefore you don’t have to keep reheating a large kettle.

Easy to use with a push button start. Very clean, minimalist design creates a neat addition to your kitchen counter.



Cost : –

Release Date : Kickstarter

Website : http://www.mybiom.fr/

Created In : France

This is a smart planter used to bring more life to the city. The planter syncs up with your phone via an app to help you keep track of what your plant needs.

There are 4 different informational light alerts to show you when your plant needs moisture, temperature change, sun change, or fertilizer.

Your application will alert you on when it is time to water. This idea/product gives a new opportunity to those who weren’t good at raising a plant.



Cost : –

Release Date : 2016

Website : http://ilumi.co/

Created In : USA

This is a light that saves energy, adjusts moods, and helps to design a space. The lightbulb syncs to your app, which gives you the tools to control every light in your home via bluetooth.

You can set your lights to automatically turn on or off during certain times or movements.


tzoa ruebriq


Cost : $139

Release Date : 2016

Website : http://www.mytzoa.com/

Created In : Canada

This device shows you the air quality in your environment. Tracking and measurements of the air quality in different locations can help you better understand your environment. This can lead to each of us being more conscious of each decision we make.

The app will tell you of allergens in the air, humidity, temperature, and light. In a practical setting, this can help you decide whether you should sit inside or outside while at a cafe based on health benefits or disadvantages.